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Forget Foreclosures!  Be a "Hero" and not a "Vulture". Invest In Probate Real Estate

 Foreclosure Investors can be seen as "vultures", here's why:  
  • There is a lot of competition: people in foreclosing homes have many investors mailing, calling, and knocking on their door many times a day ad nauseum
  • People in foreclosure have dire financial circumstances and can be very depressed, highly stressed and not thinking straight
  • People in foreclosure can be in bankruptcy as well and prefer staying in their house rent free and delaying things endlessly versus selling to you
  • People in foreclosure have realtors promising them their full equity and full price
  • People in foreclosure are sometimes 81 year old ladies with nowhere to go (!)

Besides the fact that your conscience might bother you, consider this: one foreclosure investor we know had a gun pointed at him for making a low offer by a house owner because a realtor had promised the occupant full price, and 10 other investors had knocked on his door! Do you want a high stress lifestyle?  Choose foreclosure investing for your career.

People in Probate Want To Sell Their House - Be a "Hero"

Want something better? Try Probate Real Estate! Why? Because the people actually want to sell their house:
  • Often the sellers in probate are kids that have a large tax bill because of their elderly parents tax deferments, and they want, even need to sell. 
  • Other fees like Liens or Attorney's Fees make the seller want to sell
  • Many times sellers in probate are in another State, have their own property and kids and life, and they rather just get rid of it.  You offer them cash, and a chance to get on with their life!

There is very little Competition in Probate

Are you tired of all the competition advertising in your local paper, or lining up on the courthouse steps?    

Think of all the real estate investors you know.  How many of them made their money by buying Probate Properties? Our guess is none. Why? Because for years Probate Properties have been a big secret that only Probate Attorneys know about. Not any more.

We Found A Probate Expert That Will Tell You How To Get Started in Probate in 24 Hours 

Here at TheBestEver.Net we found there is very little information shared with the public about Probate Real Estate.  We found Ron M., a Real Estate Investing and Loan Consultant with more than 20 years experience in Individual and Commercial Real Estate.  We got him to tell us about his success with Probate Properties including 

1) A to Z Steps of everything you need to start purchasing Probate Properties in 24 hours

2) Where to get Leads for Probate Properties and Their Executors, More Leads than you can possibly follow, and they are all free

3) A Sample Letter of What to Say to Owners/Executors


You Don't Need to Spend Thousands of Dollars

Few people teach about Probate, and when they do they want a bundle! 

Jim Banks gives the most famous seminar, for $1500 a weekend or more.

Gary DiGrazzio has a best selling book for $250.  

These and other people have good information, but we are willing to share everything you need to get started for a steal compared to these people.


Everything you Need to Get Started in Probate

You will be able to answer these questions by downloading our report Everything You Need to Get Started in Probate:

  • Which Title Companies Can You Go To Get Vital Info About The Properties You Want - in all 50 States 
  • Where are the most important Courthouses?
  • Where are the most important Newspapers?
  • What do I say to an owner about why to sell their property at a good rate?
  • How can I start tomorrow morning? 
  • What are some sample deals that have been negotiated in Probate Property?

Ron will tell you about his deals including how he negotiated to buy a property at 70% of the market value, solved everyone's problems, then sold it within days.

Testimonial this month:

"I love your book."

Editor's Note: This is a quote from a spontaneous testimonial letter we just got on this new book, more up soon.  


"Everything you Need to Get Started in Probate!"

No book like this published anywhere!  Our own testimonial on how to prosper in Probate Real Estate!

Not $101.00 Not $97.00 Just $29.95


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