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Warning!  Beware of Home Loan Scams!

If you are in the market for a new home loan, then this is information you need to read to save you thousands--did you know that in the home loan industry it is legal to "hide" loan costs to consumers.

Did you know that...

  • Most home loan lenders charge a higher interest rate than you need to pay, costing you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan?
  • 70% of home loans today are done by mortgage brokers, who get paid for charging you a higher rate?
  • Lenders pay their brokers and salespeople incentives for charging you a prepayment penalty?
  • Realtors and brokers work together, with realtors even referring you to these brokers or even getting illegal kickbacks
  • Escrow officers sometimes work with lenders to hide thousands of dollars of extra interest you're paying, saying your hidden fees are "no cost to you"
  • Many brokers use "bait and switch" techniques saying you qualify for a good loan, then switching to bad one with higher rates and penalties 
  • Lenders pull your credit to get you to go with them, knowing your credit looks worse with every pull. 

Most Homebuyers End Up Paying $30,000 Too Much On Their Home Loans Or More!

If you have used a mortgage broker on a home loan recently, chances are you were fleeced for thousands! If you don't have a home loan yet but are about to, here is what you need to know.

How mortgage brokers receive massive incentives to give you loans you don't want including...

  • adjustable rate, COSI, COFI or other loans that could later hurt or bankrupt you

  • higher rates, especially at the last minute of the loan, when consumers are most vulnerable

  • "buried" loan costs

  • horrible pre-payment penalties that lock you into bad loans

You Can Get The Loan You Deserve!

You can get the loan you deserve if you know how to ask for it, including: 

  • how to get the interest rate you really deserve, even if you are unemployed, have less than "A" credit, or are self employed

  • how to stop brokers from pulling your credit before you know they can get you a good home loan

  • the magic words to say to know if they are getting a kickback for quoting you a higher rate 

  • the magic words to never have a prepayment penalty

We Got An Industry Veteran To Tell You How To Negotiate

Would you believe we got a mortgage broker to tell all? His wife is also in the  loan business as an underwriter. After 20 years in the business he has stories such as: 

  • how brokers get you to pay additional interest rate points, costing you 10, 20 or 30,000 more on your home loan
  • how brokers routinely get bonuses and rebates for charging you high rates and prepayment penalties
  • how to know exactly what the interest rate really is before you talk to a broker
  • how to stop a broker from looking at your credit without your consent, which is illegal
  • how to get a good faith estimate before showing your credit report
  • how to save up to 30,000 or more on your loan by knowing how to ask for the right rates and fees
  • when to lock your rates like a savvy negotiator

Forget Asking Your Realtor or Escrow Officer For Help!

Although real estate professionals try to be helpful, they often have an incentive to help each other -- and you pay. Realtors can steer you to loan brokers rather than other types of lending options. Escrow officers explain away thousands of dollars of fees at closing as "not being paid by  you" when they are! You can't afford not to know about your home loans anymore. We've got information to arm you properly.

We Can Help You Succeed At Getting The Home Loan You Deserve

We've created a report that gives you the exact words to use with your mortgage broker and you deal with them on their level, including:

-Get brokers to disclose thousands of dollars of fees that would normally stay "hidden" from the line items of your HUD loan statements

-Stay away from adjustable rate loans, even when the broker says you don't qualify

-Stay away from ugly prepayment penalties, that deny you the opportunity to refinance or sell freely later on

-Save thousands by getting the rates you want

-When to lock the rate and when not to

-Questions to ask about your loan that could save you thousands of dollars or even bankruptcy down the road--loans such as COSI, COFI, Interest Only and others.

Download our report "What Your Lender Isn't Telling You" and save thousands over your mortgage career. A one of a kind opportunity. Click the book and Download Now.