Ever feel like the Credit Companies have an unfair advantage over you, your life, your credit rating? Ever wish you had a fancy lawyer who spoke their language, made them sit up, take notice and take action? Well, here are sixteen letters that will do the job for you. We've even thrown in an extra letter that will temporarily stop collection and bad credit.......legally!

16 Credit Dispute Letters

16 powerful credit dispute letters in legal language to challenge your creditors and the credit bureaus today including:

  • "Prove it or Remove it" letter to creditors plus a 30 day follow up letter
  • FTC complaint letter and 30 day follow up letter
  • Identity Theft letter, "Not Mine" letter, Delete Inquiry letter, many more
  • Bonus: 17th letter--Validate Debt Item with Collector--temporarily stops collection and bad credit by law

Don't wait for the credit axe to fall! Take action now and clean up your credit permanently.

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